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New Playback Server

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Since the day Medford Community Media reopened in August of 2018 our playback server has had issues. You may recall glitches on our channels where the sound didn't sync to the video or at worst we had audio and video "dropouts", moments where the channels would go black. These issues first made themselves apparent last August during a well attended and watched City Council Meeting.

For months I dealt with the issue troubleshooting every possible piece of equipment in our studio as well as at City Hall. I tested every device, every cable, and that process took weeks. As you can imagine, we have a lot of equipment, and even more cables.

I finally traced the issue back to our playback server, the system that runs the channels. A playback server is the computer that plays back the videos on TV as well as processing the signal from City Hall. This was a worst case scenario.

Month after month I spent countless hours on the phone with tech support trying to fix the issue and finally after applying numerous patches, last April the owner of the company came to MCM himself to try and fix the issue.

We spent a day looking at every possible solution, upgrading the processor, upgrading the RAM, and when he left the system was running as it should.

I was told that if any issues arise after his visit that MCM would be given a brand new server. We were an anomaly, the company has sold truckloads of this particular machine and only ours was having the issues that we were seeing.

Well, about three weeks after that promise was made, our server went back to its old habits and once again we were seeing dropouts and sync issues. I immediately called up the company and without hesitation they replaced our lemon with a brand new system!

The system has been in place about a month and so far so good!

I can't thank the people at Castus enough, they are great company!

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