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Update On Gov't Meeting Audio Issues

We wanted to update you all on the audio issues that have affected live broadcasts of government meetings the past 2 weeks. While we are still trying to fully isolate the source of the issue, we were able to figure out roughly where in the signal chain the issue is presenting.

The issue presents as a stuttering and static-y audio track, making the meetings practically unintelligible. We did some testing after it first occurred, and seemed to have identified the problem. We thought it was caused by a faulty signal converter, however that same issue came back when we used the replacement piece of equipment.

At the moment, we are able to use a reliable workaround to present meetings on GOV and EDU with no recurrence of the audio issue. We are working with a vendor on getting tech support to evaluate our equipment. Additionally, we are going to order some replacement equipment for some of other devices in the signal chain to mitigate further issues.

We at MCM apologize for the subpar viewing experience this issue has caused, and we appreciate your understanding as we work to get to the bottom of this particular challenge.

As always, please reach out to us with any issues or questions you have.

Thank you,

Kevin Harrington

MCM Station Manager

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